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Data Protection Declaration for applicants, students and former students of Technische Universität Dresden

TU Dresden - in particular Directorate Student Affairs and Continuing Education - processes personal data of applicants as well as of students and former students only insofar as this is necessary for the application process, course, or completion of their studies, for the implementation of organisational, social and study-accompanying measures, for university statistics or for maintaining contact with former students.

The details of the processing as well as the data to be provided by applicants and students in individual cases and to be processed by TU Dresden are governed by § 14 para. 1 Act of the Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education in the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSFG)1) in connection with the provisions of the Saxon Act on University Personal Data (SächsHSPersDatVO)1).

If further personal data (e.g. for social or study accompanying measures) is to be collected and used, you will be asked in individual cases for your voluntary and revocable consent.

Insofar as this is not otherwise stipulated by law or contract (e.g. data transfer to other public authorities based on § 6 para. 1 sentence 2 Saxon Act on Implementation of Data Protection Matters1) or § 4 Student Health Insurance Law 1)) or you have expressly consented in individual cases, no personal data will be transferred to third parties.

If your application for enrolment in course of studies is not successful, all relevant data will be deleted after one year at the latest. After that, the application portal will no longer be accessible.

You can request information at any time about your personal data that has been processed and its potential recipients. You are entitled to a reply within one month of our receipt of your request for information. You can submit your request for information to TU Dresden's Data Protection Officer. He/she will formulate the response in coordination with TU Dresden and ensure that your rights in the processing of your personal data are preserved in any case.

In addition, you can contact the TU Dresden's Data Protection Officer and the responsible data protection supervisory authority directly at any time if you are concerned that TU Dresden is not processing your data in a legally compliant or proper manner.

Information for applicants:
Applying for a course of studies at TU Dresden is voluntary. You can withdraw your application at any time. In this case, it is unfortunately not possible to process your application further and pursuing a course studies at TU Dresden is no longer possible. Particularly on your application for enrolment, we have explained the legal basis for processing your data for enrolment purposes. If you do not enrol, all relevant data will be deleted after one year at the latest. After that, the application portal will be inaccessible.

Information for students:
The provisions of the relevant examination, study or doctoral regulations apply in particular to the processing of students‘ personal data. Students‘ personal data will be processed at least for the duration of their studies at TU Dresden. Further details are listed in § 18 SächsHSPersDatVO1).

Information for former students:
TU Dresden processes your data for the purpose of contact maintenance according to § 16 SächsHSPersDatVO1).

Technical information:
In order to protect your data, the appropriate technical and organisational measures have been taken to the best of our ability in order to comply effectively with the above provisions. Among other things, data is always transmitted in an encrypted way. It is expressly pointed out that, despite these measures, it is not completely impossible for unauthorised persons to gain knowledge of your data or even falsify it. As a user, you are of course also responsible for taking note of and adhering to all information on data protection. Therefore, in your own interest, you should also strive to prevent unwanted access to your data. In particular, we recommend the following measures:
  • Install the latest patches for your operating system!
  • Switch off unneeded services of your operating system!
  • Do not enable any drives permanently on your PC without appropriate protective measures!
  • Do not allow remote maintenance on your PC, especially for the period of the connection to the SELMA web portal!
  • Install and run an up-to-date virus scanner on your PC!
  • Install and run a personal firewall or use the corresponding functions of your operating system!
Footnote 1)

See: legal basis