Welcome to TU Dresden’s application pages!

If you answered the questions in our application switch on our web page about the application procedure, you are already in the correct portal. Please create your own user account now and note the following information!

1. Persons who do not have a user account (applicant account) yet and who are not enrolled at TU Dresden
  • Please click on the menu item [user account] on the left and read the data privacy and data security statement. Please note that by creating a user account you are accepting the data privacy policy. Afterwards, please select the menu item [create a user account]. After submitting your information, you will receive an email with your initial password.
  • Please note that it can take up to two hours until you will receive this email. For this reason, we are kindly asking you to wait until the next day before enquiring about this matter. Support address: servicecenter.studium@tu-dresden.de.
  • You will be requested to change your password upon your first login.
2. Persons who have already applied via this portal in a previous semester
  • Please check whether the user account created for this application still exists.
  • If you forgot the password, please use the menu item [forgot your password].
  • In case of problems with the user account, please contact the support address: servicecenter.studium@tu-dresden.de
3. Persons who are currently TU Dresden students
  • Log into the student portal with your ZIH login and select the menu path [my data], [changing the degree programme] and [my applications].
  • In case of problems with the ZIH login, please contact the support address: servicecenter.studium@tu-dresden.de
4. General remarks for online applications

Please review our remarks for online applications before submitting your application data. Information on the offered degree programmes as well as the specific application deadlines and prerequisites for each degree programme can be found in TU Dresden’s study information system SINS