Welcome to TU Dresden’s student portal!

  • TU Dresden students
…are able to log in with their ZIH login and password in order to use various functions.

A change of programme or major at TU Dresden can be requested via the menu item [my data] and [change of programme].

At the moment, registrations for exams and withdrawals from exams as well as printouts of exam confirmations can still be requested in the HIS portal.

  • Applicants and students wishing to transfer to TU Dresden from another university
…please select the menu item [applying to TU Dresden]

  • Newly enrolled students

Before being able to log into the student portal, you first have to change your initial password in the IDM-Portal.
If, two hours after changing the password, you still cannot log into the student portal, please contact the ZIH-Service-Desk.

Do you have any questions? Please contact the ServiceCenterStudium.

The portal is still under construction/ pilot operation and will constantly be enhanced with various functions.

If you would like to learn more about the implementation of an integrated Student-Lifecycle-Management-System (SLM), you can find additional information here: Projekt TUDo-SLM.